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"The more we can do to help parents believe in themselves as being their child's first teacher,

the more we are paving the way for the child to enjoy success in their learning journey"

- HIPPY Coordinator, 2015

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year before school?

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Latest research released

HIPPY Australia welcomes a new, informative and comprehensive study that confirms HIPPY is a successful program and meets the aspirations of parents and carers in ensuring their children are ready for school.

The study reveals that parents and carers find this free program provides them with the materials and support they need to be their child's first teacher, in a convenient and safe environment.

Download a copy of the study


Coordinators learning together

In January over 70 HIPPY Coordinators attended the HIPPY Australia National Coordinator Training.

Executive Director Tony Nicholson opened the event and said, 'The success of HIPPY Australia is because we are embedded in the community, supporting local people’.

One participant commented, 'It is a privilege to be involved in such a wonderful experience and take away so much learning'.

Map of Australia showing HIPPY sites in 2014